1. BIP: Europe in Transition

Revisiting typologies towards sustainable territories by recycling & inhabiting structures already there

By crossing Europe, students will be invited to take an interest in understanding the different typologies and morphologies encountered during this trans-European Odyssey. For many years, the partner schools located in the different corners of Europe have been working together to survey and analyze the buildings culturally inscribed in their singular contexts, and more particularly the architecture of housing which makes up the fabric of our cities or occupies our rural areas. Brussels houses, casa-vagons and blocks in Bucharest, Italian palazzi, but also outskirts of our cities are among many remarkable architectures that compose the fabric of the cities and suburbs. This program will focus on the mutation of the built types with regard to upheavals in uses and practices, climate change or new materials and construction techniques, cultural or political revolutions. This sharing of inter-university knowledge will allow students, researchers and teachers to become aware of the place of architecture in these times of crises in Europe, a critical position inscribed in the architectural discipline.  The work will thus aim at the search for architectural contributions to the transformation and quality of the habitat in the broad sense of the term. 

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