LOCI-IMA is intended to reset the premises for a continuous state of emergence in architecture: an urgent response to a long-predicted crisis, but also a highlighting of collective dissatisfaction in the face of global inertia.

LOCI-IMA responds to economic and social imbalances, to the destruction of climatic equilibrium and to the health crisis, through a strategy based on: understanding the past, questioning the present and designing a project, on various scales, as a tool of knowledge capable of proposing possible futures.

LOCI-IMA aims at sustainability and ecology for the foundation of a new community, which can inhabit the world responsibly, a community which must continue to live together in a high density, under new and changing conditions.

LOCI-IMA participates in the construction and formation of this community through travel: a contemporary version of the “Grand Tour” across Europe to harvest the richness of accumulated knowledge, an odyssey through European culture and architectural values for today and tomorrow.