IMA looks at how architecture can rehabilitate, adapt, transform and re-imagine the future of contemporary spaces by traveling through Europe and working with international partners.

The International master’s in architecture (IMA) is a two-year program taught in English at UClouvain-LOCI Faculty. It is innovative in its way of learning while traveling and discovering the contemporary challenges addressed to architecture. The courses are given in Brussels, Tournai, Louvain-la-Neuve, but also with our European partners, online, on the train and in situ around the world. LOCI-IMA invites students to follow a master's program in architecture in partnership with institutions from different countries. Here, students work in multidisciplinary and transnational groups. The workshops address pressing questions based on information provided by teachers, experts, researchers from UCLouvain and partner institutions, but also actors from civil society. Each year, a theme is proposed and finds in LOCI-IMA an anchor point in the discipline of architecture. Courses and workshops mobilize knowledge and methodologies to explore scenarios and paths of reflection, but also tentative designs combining lessons learned from analysis, research, online contacts with international partners as well as in situ workshops.

Campuses : Brussels, Tournai and Louvain-La-Neuve

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You wish to continue your education in an English-language context?
You want to use the skills acquired in your bachelor’s degree in architecture in order to consider urgent questions facing the architectural discipline?
You want to study in contact with international partners and experience different teaching methods?
You want to travel, understand and learn from other cultures?
You have the ability to listen to and work with humans and non-humans in order to contribute to their well-being?
You wish to produce a master’s thesis in English, evaluated by international partners?

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