On the move with Partners

This International Master's in Architecture is intended to be the place of applied teaching, to enhance the desire to travel, in order to collect field data and visit European experts on the issues raised in the design studio.

The Blended Intensive Programs (BIP), courses, seminars and studios are situated at the point of contact between teaching and research in LOCI and LAB. The contents of the teaching units of this program will be aligned with the ambitions of the annual theme, allowing students to carry out a polythematic synthesis work where theory & practice dichotomy disappears.

Specific workshops will bring the students to travel around Europe or the world by train when possible.

On the rails, in stations, on the field, students will learn from traveling, discovering different cultures, different contexts, different ways of facing contemporary crises.

  1. BIP : Europe in Transition

  2. BIP: Rural areas facing Climate Change

  3. Belgium, facing its own challenges