3. Belgium, facing its own challenges

Brussels and its region remain an incredible source of questioning, one of the most ancient towns in Europe, but also one that dared to embrace modernity right down to its historical center. It is today a regional city where the same challenges are played out as in other European cities: ecological and mobility management challenges, ongoing building rehabilitation challenges, challenges of projecting infrastructural boundaries, challenges of living together in the second most cosmopolitan city in the world. 

The Tournai/Lille/Courtrai cross-border region is also part of major European issues. Intercity and intercountry polarity, this metropolis is one of the examples to follow, to seize the possibilities that Europe allows. It reflects possible economical exchanges, historical cultural shared dimensions, a landscape conceived together. 

Finally, the Walloon Brabant constitutes the diffuse territory, where sprawl and rural landscape cohabitate. The challenges of the diffuse city and the mineralization of the soil are questioned there as in other European territories. It raises the question of the natural resources, forest – land – water. 

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