Wu, Hsin-Ting (June 2021)

Comment, réhabiliter l’esprit et l’architecture des campagnes chinoises de la région de Chongqing en retrouvant l’essentiel de l’ancienne culture rurale ? La réhabilitation de l’espace public et de l’architecture peut-elle être un moteur de revitalisation du territoire rural chinois, une plateforme qui permette des échanges entre la ville et la campagne ?

This search will take you to the village of Longdongba in the Youyang area where the Tujia and Miao communities. She will question the relationship between ancestral temples and villages and will question the rehabilitation of public space and architecture as a driving force for rural revitalization and as a platform that allows exchanges between the city and the countryside. And, moreover, how architecture can reshape and perpetuate traditional rural culture.

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